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If you are looking for a San Diego Estate Planning Attorney to help you establish your Trust or Will, or if you’d like to learn what Estate Planning options best fit your needs, contact us today to book a free strategy session. We offer all San Diego families a free strategy session where we get to know about you and your situation, learn your goals, cover the basics of Estate Planning, and design a structure for your plan. We’ll cover all the parts and pieces of an Estate Plan and help you learn what needs to be a part of your plan to accomplish your goals. Already have an Estate Plan in place? We’re happy to review that plan with you at no cost to ensure your wishes are still accurately stated and that your plan will effectively carry out those wishes.

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Our philosophy is simple; we do San Diego Estate Planning – As it should be done. We offer an unmatched level of personal service and access to our clients while ensuring cost is never a barrier to obtaining needed protection. Your attorney will handle your entire case from start to finish and will be readily available to you throughout the process.

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Why We’re Different

Estate planning can be an overwhelming topic for many, and unfortunately there is no shortage of terrible advice circulating on the issue. At Jenkins &  Jenkins, we are a Wife and Husband team of Estate Planning Attorneys and we dedicate our entire practice to the full pendulum of Estate Planning. Whether that be assisting San Diego families in establishing their Trust, Will, Power of Attorney, or anything else they need to structure their Estate Plan, or assisting families after the passing of a loved one in the Trust Administration or Probate process.

Our work in helping San Diego families through the Trust Administration or Probate Process helps us continuously sharpen our Estate Plan documents as we incorporate unique lessons learned from each administrative process into our Estate Planning documents. That real world, practical experience is invaluable and makes for a tried-and-true Estate Plan that you can count on to effectively carry out your wishes. We provide you more than just a product, we provide you an invaluable legal service backed by expert guidance and a law firm that proudly stands behind its work.

While we’re experts in the field of Estate Planning, we also realize that San Diego families need to be able to actually afford this important service. We utilize flat fee pricing for nearly all of our Estate Plans and we aim to provide top notch legal care at a reasonable rate for our San Diego families.

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Who Needs an Estate Plan?

In San Diego and throughout California, there is often a misconception that not everyone needs an Estate Plan. The truth is, every adult in San Diego needs to have an Estate Plan in place. While everyone needs an Estate Plan, what’s in that plan will differ from person to person. If you don’t set one up yourself, the State has a ready-made plan for you, but to access this plan your family is forced to spend countless months/years and tens of thousands of dollars in Probate court.

Some San Diego families may be fine with a simple Will and Powers of Attorney, while others may need to incorporate a Living Trust, Revocable Trust, or Family Trust into their plan. These Trusts are often needed by San Diego families who meet any of the following criteria: they have minor children, own real property, own assets with a gross value of over $166,250, or they wish to place guidelines or structure around how someone will inherit their Estate. Other San Diego families will need to incorporate more advanced tax planning into their Estate Plan, cover Business interests, or plan for Asset Protection.

The best way to determine what needs to be in your Estate Plan is to find a San Diego Estate Planning Attorney that you Trust and enjoy working with. Only an Estate Planning Attorney can competently advise you on the best route for your unique situation, often in tandem with any other financial or tax professionals you already work with or need to be introduced to.

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We say we do Estate Planning as it should be done, but don’t take our word for it! Here’s what a few of our clients have to say.

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When you’re ready to establish your San Diego Estate Plan, we’re here to help. Please feel free to call, email, or message us at any time to discuss your needs. We offer all of our clients a free strategy session to get to know about you and your situation, learn your goals, cover the basics of Estate Planning, and design a structure for your plan. We’ll cover all the parts and pieces of an Estate Plan and help you learn what needs to be a part of your plan to accomplish your goals. If you have any questions prior to setting up your strategy session, please do not hesitate to call or email and ask away!

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