Trust Administration


osing a loved one is unspeakably difficult no matter the conditions. Adding in the stress of dealing with their legal and financial obligations, even with a valid trust in place, is too much of a burden for many. Fortunately, working with an attorney to assist in administering a trust can help alleviate that burden and make the process much more straight forward.

There are many steps involved in the administration process that must be complied with to protect the trustee. If you need guidance in your role as successor trustee, we are here to take the burden off of your shoulders and help you through every step of the process. We bring compassion and empathy to this process and will hopefully make this difficult time less stressful for all involved.


Contact our office to schedule a free strategy session where we will walk you through your duties and responsibilities as successor trustee and cover the steps you need to take to properly administer a trust.

“When mom passed away, I felt lost and overwhelmed at what to do next. Caroline and Michael walked me through everything and took care of all the legal steps from mom’s trust. I appreciated their gentle approach and found comfort in their guidance.”